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Monday, June 01, 2015

Robby Wells is in Iowa to win the caucuses

Maybe the national news media is ignoring him but Robby Wells (screen shot of his site on left) showed up in Iowa this week.
  • He's got a big cool bus.
  • He plans to hit all 99 counties.
  • He intends to defeat Hillary Clinton in the caucuses, win new Hampshire, and then go on get the democratic nomination.
  • He's a long shot. 
  • His campaign is counting on him being "the most different and unusual Democrat in the race" I hear from one of my inside contacts. 
  • His economic plan sounds "Reaganesque" - it's called "Eaglenomics."
  • But remember Hillary, Barak Obama was a way long shot. I mean - "Barak" and then "Hussein" and a black candidate?! 
I've got my eye on Robby.
More here later.

His web site is:

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