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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The 2016 Caucuses are starting ... TODAY!

Yes it's true. I am declaring December 15, 2013 as the official start of the 2016 Iowa Presidential Caucus season.

That's because the Des Moines Register conducted its first big poll of likely 2016 presidential contenders and their favorability. Below is the headline and all the information you need to know.


Paul Ryan heads the Republican preference?

Yes it's true.

The reason appears to be that Ryan is not Ted Cruz the Texas caffeinated Senator who actually had very low favorability among Iowa Republicans. Ryan actually made a deal with his Senate Democratic counterparts, got a budget approved, and for the first time in years sent out the word (for Christmas) that government can work even in these highly polarized times.

Hillary Clinton came up excellent among Democrats with almost 90% but she still scares and angers Republicans. There is no other Democrat on the horizon who could challenge Mrs Clinton.

Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum came in very high on the list right after Ryan which is a great surprise since the supposed big new superstars Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio as well as the often talked about former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tanked in this poll.

Click on this image below to see a good video summary of the poll. we will analyze this in the coming months, years actually and we hope to launch an Iowa caucus class. We will let you know when the class is launched!