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Monday, June 01, 2015

Could not do the Rachel Maddow show dammit!

This afternoon I had a very nice call from Andrew (Andy) Dallos, producer of the Rachel Maddow show.

It was late in the day so I couldn't get studio and satellite time - I live in central Iowa we are not New York and need a few hours to plan things!

They wanted me on the show to talk about my analysis in the New York Times today. Hillary needs to reexamine her campaign and maybe fire her manager. WHAT!?

I was quoted in the Times regarding the Iowa Democratic contest in Iowa. Hillary Clinton has been the only Democrat running for president, has oodles of cash, total name recognition. She's ahead in the polls.

But there is tension in Iowaland.

Bernie Sanders has been aggressively campaigning in Iowa and the crowds have been astonishing large. I blogged and Tweeted about his latest visit to Ames, Iowa home of the first in the nation caucuses. I spoke to dozens of Democrats and I know many of them in my 45 years in Ames.

Here is the takeaway. Many of the  Democrats are angry that Clinton has not come to town to rally the partisans.

She's been doing a "listening tour" instead which is the subject of media and Democratic activist ridicule.

Sorry Rachel. Maybe next time.

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