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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How Bush Super PAC Frittered Away All the Money.

Read this article. My focus groups said, "Now voters can truly say, "Thank GOD Bush dropped out! If this is how his people think money should be spent then think of how they would have spent taxpayer money!"

$88,000 on "branding" Mr. Bush. These brilliant people used JEB! with that exclamation point as the original "brand." Had they ever heard of the last candidate who tried an exclamation mark and a red and black checkered shirt as his brand. You can look that up and see how well he did. (Oh, all right. It was LAMAR! Alexander Senator from Tennessee. Ever hear of President Alexander? It was made fun of and because a huge JOKE! Why the hell would Bush's people go there?

94,000.00 "clubbing" to rise money.  "Instead of spending last winter on the hustings of Iowa and New Hampshire, Mr. Bush held off, using the first half of 2015 to raise money in places like New York, Chicago, Texas and Florida." HELLO! Ever hear of the "ground game?"

$8.3 Million  - ".. he and the group supporting him built one of the largest organizations of any candidate in either party."   ... "Parasites no doubt!" as I heard a famous consultant shout on a talk show.

#10 million on consultants. "his team paid consulting fees to around 140 different companies or individuals,"How'd that work out? These people get paid, lose and then move on, get paid and lose again. I read somewhere that it was the same folks who got Mitt Romney elected to the White House .. Oh wait!!