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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Reelection of gov Culver of Iowa- How it will happen

How Culver Can Win, For Sure

Culver can get reelected. So here is how it’s done.

* Point out repeatedly that you stood up to the Republicans and your own party and said no to drastic budget cuts and slashing the programs that make Iowa a successful, great place to live and also said no to tax increases which would be a burden to all Iowans and small businesses in a weak economy.

* Splash every single cost saving measure and efficiency you can dream or make up. There are probably lots of little things that were done over the past four years that made programs leaner and more efficient, and that includes all the “right sizing” of departments, colleges and universities and your own state house office. Computerized management and all kinds of efficiency statistics and “metrics” (yeah, throw that term around at every whistle stop), sound scientific and serious and voters don’t know diddlysquat about this. Tell them, “I balanced the states check book every month and I rounded up a lot of stray official credit cards.” Iowans will be impressed since most of us have never balanced ours!

* Please Governor Culver, inject some humor and whimsy into your campaign! People love that if it’s tastefully done. Here is a free example – a nice TV spot well developed that shows a Culver’s Restaurant and says “Chet Culver: Good taste and less filling the pockets of big business, lobbyists and special interests.”

* Tell the classic “What is Politics” joke (reproduced here from the family web site - edited a little bit.)

Culver can say at an adult rally, “My friends, a long time Iowa resident and voter told me the other day that his grandson had finally clarified for him what politics was all about. The story goes like this.”

A little boy goes to his dad and asks, "What is politics?"

Gp to insideriowa for the remainder of the story!

How the GOP in Iowa Can Regain a Majority -

Republicans are chafing at the bit to get back into the governor’s seat and to regain some seats in the House and Senate. Democrats are anxious to hold on to their control of both.
In my last Iowa politics essay I told you how Culver could win and the Democrats hold on to a majority.
This is how Republicans can have their victory. (The full story in

InsiderIowa article by Schmidt