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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Song for the 2016 Elections

The Rolling Stones - "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

What song better underscores the dilemma of the Democratic And Republican race for the White House?

As in life, jobs, love, it looks like neither party is getting what it wants which is a strong, fabulous, clear front runner who will win the nomination and then go ahead and win the general election big.

But don't worry.  There will be a presidential election. Two people (or three) will emerge as the candidates. So while you can't always get what you want but if we try we will find "we will get what we need."

In life we get some sort of job (not the one we really want), someone to share life with, a car (but not the one we REALLY want). So why should politics be any different. 

Munch on that for a moment. 





Sunday, August 23, 2015

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal and "Big Government'

Louisiana Gov. Piyush "Bobby" Jindal says big government is bad; Govt and private sector are opposites.  He's running for president so let's try to keep him honest.

Then he should return to Iowa and American taxpayers the BILLIONS of dollars that were spent on Katrina. You remember the mess the mayor of New Orleans and the Gov. of the state made when that terrible killer hurricane hit. It was the US military and ultimately FEMA and other federal agencies that jumped in and saved the city.

I also ask Jindal to refund the billions of dollars being spent in Louisiana on flood control and coastal reconstruction. There is a massive project to try and fortify the coastal areas, divert the Mississippi river to build coastal lands and marshes as barriers to future storms.

And, while he's at it, Jindal should also send back all the other big government funds being funneled to Louisiana: the enormous amount of welfare money, Social Security payments, Medicare and Medicaid funding, Veterans Administration dollars, air traffic control system funds, federal highway spending, Dept of education money for schools, GPS services (run by the Air Force), the regulation of offshore drilling (think BP oil blowout) and weather service and NOAA budgets.

I am shocked that no one has dared to push back against the pure baloney people like Jindal are serving up about big government. In America prosperity is a partnership between the private sector and government at all levels. Without government, roads, infrastructure, law, the armed services, cyber defense, testing of drugs and toxic material, consumer product safety, and a myriad of other  programs Louisiana and the USA would be a third world country. 


Friday, August 21, 2015

Election 2016 = Rumble in the Jungle!

The 2016 election promises to become what I call a "Rumble in the Jungle!"

The problem is none of the GOP plans for 2016 are panning out.

1. Fewer debates so there would be less bloody in party bashing? Nope. Instead of debates which are far fewer that 2012 when there were 27 we now have "summits" and all sorts of other events which have erupted like wild mushrooms and given each contender a chance to draw blood.

2. Smaller field of candidates and get to 3 front runners quicker? Nope! There are 17 wannabes now when there were "only" 12 last time so the candidate "inflation" problem is much bigger this time. That means it will take longer to "winnow" the field.

3. More financial discipline? NO SIR! This season will be the most financially abundant of any election in American history. And, with so many PAC's and billionaires writing checks almost every candidate as someone's backing and therefore can stay in for the long run if they spend wisely.

4. And finally the arrival of the Political Gozilla Donald Trump has derailed the GOP strategy for a smooth 2016 contest. Reality TV is a brutal and nasty environment full of yelling, pushing, and shoving. The Apprentice is mild compared to some of the edgier shows but Trump is bringing the full force of that world of reality TV to politics. He seems to wants to say "You're Fired!" to each of his GOP contenders.

That's making 2016 an exciting, dramatic, sizzling hot and nasty political season.

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