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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Democratic Party Language Lessons

Steffen Schmidt ·Dr. Politics

Des Moines, Iowa Several people I talked to at the Roast and Ride event in Boone on Saturday commented that the Democrats need to increase their vocabulary and include "Veterans" and "Patriots" in their vocabulary. Those were repeated throughout Joni Ernst's Roast and Ride event in Boone, Iowa.
Interesting comment. 

There were over 300 motorcycle riders in leather, American flag bandanas, and a variety of excellent gear. Most of them were veterans according to the organizers.
The Dems have always had a "problem" with the military, probably undeservedly so. They have also had problems with "patriotism" which many Democrats think is Chauvinism or jingoism. 

Obama himself in 2008 at first refused to wear an American flag pin on his jacket. That changed quickly when he came under criticism.

I know several Democratic liberals who think displaying the American flag is a bad idea because it implies US hegemony and "exceptionalism." They like one of the several "world flags."  Don't bring that up at a Republican event! 

(Left photo: One of the riders in the amazing tour from Des Moines to Boone)

 What do YOU think are the themes and language that Democrats need to incorporate into their 2016 campaign? Should the US flag be a major up front feature of Democratic events? 

Should there be prominent display of veterans and patriotic talk? 

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