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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Iowa State Fair and Presidential Selection
Click on this link. This was a very fun interview with a media company I have NEVER heard about.They are huge and distribute to all kinds of publications.

State Fair + Social Media = Interesting politics.

I have said before that the colorful events at the fair are one reason why the media still loves the first in the nation caucuses.

In NO other state will you find the variety of awesome stuff such as:
  • Largest hog in the world.
  • Butter cow and other sculptures.
  • Most outrageous deep fried food.
  • HUGE tractors and farm implements.
  • Friendly crowds.
  • Great concerts. 
  • Other? 
  • "soapbox"
Go to the fair. Enjoy. Then sign up for my free Internet class which starts Sept 1. Google Iowa Caucuses MOOC.

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