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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

US History of Exclusion and Deportation

Donald Trump has shaken the news media with his suggestion that we should bar Muslims from coming to the United States. Here is a short history. This does not include the discrimination against every new wave of immigrants.
US History

1882. The Chinese Exclusion Act signed by US President Chester Arthur May 6, 1882 not repealed until repealed by the Magnuson Act on December 17, 1943.

1942. Japanese internment. President Roosevelt ordered the Incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II Executive Order 9066. Feb 19, 1942.

1936. Rejecting Jewish refugees fleeing Germany from Nazi Germany. July 1938, a poll by Fortune magazine fewer than 5 percent of Americans supported raising the quotas for political refugees mostly Jews. 67% said "we should try to keep them out."

1954. Deporting Mexicans by Pres. Eisenhower in the “Operation Wetback” Bracero program. 

2015. On December 7, Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump suggests that no Muslims should be allowed into the United States.

 Don't be surprised at Trump's suggestion. It has its roots in many previous American policies. In times of panic and crisis (we are in such a moment now) people always become fearful of foreigners even if it is irrational and Constitutionally illegal. 
We should also be aware that anti immigration politicians have been gaining ground in Europe especially France where Marine Le Pen and her National Front Party may win the next election. The right is also growing in other European countries. 

AND, France, the cradle of democracy is closing three mosques! (USA Today: "French authorities announced Wednesday they  shut down three mosques for an alleged "pattern of radicalization.") 

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