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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Prez Debate in "New Iowa Straw Poll"

The minions of politics decided to eliminate the Ames Straw poll because it would trivialize the Iowa Caucuses. They said it was too expensive and candidates would be weakened by spending so much money on the poll. They said it was a highway robbery. The Iowa GOP forcing contenders to spend a lot of money to participate in the Ames GOP political festival.

Here is what Chuck Todd and the Meet The Press unit said.

"The first GOP debate is the new Ames Straw Poll
For political observers who are pleased that the Republican Party's Ames Straw Poll no longer exists, here's a question to chew on: Is the first GOP debate on Aug. 6 -- limited to the Top 10 in national polls -- a suitable replacement? After all, that is what the first debate has essentially become. Think about it: It will serve to winnow the Republican field just as the Ames poll did. (So instead of Tim Pawlenty dropping out of the 2012 race because he can't beat fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann in the straw poll, you're likely going to see GOP candidates drop out, or at least lose support from donors, from being left off the first debate stage.) In addition, just like candidates would spend big bucks on the Ames Straw Poll, we've seen the GOP candidates and outside groups backing them spend nearly $8 million in TV advertisements -- mostly to boost their poll numbers. Of course, the money spent on the Ames Straw Poll went to the Iowa Republican Party, to help build the party before the caucuses. But what is this new money spent on? Answer: Building name ID for the candidates."

So the Iowa GOP made a generous move to cancel the Ames Straw Poll only to hand over the role of first serious test of a candidate to Fox, the first debate and TV advertising.

I prefer the Ames straw poll to be the start of the process.

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