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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ted Cruz and Indiana's Religious "Freedom" Law

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The 2016 Iowa caucuses will be THE most exciting in my lifetime, and yours!

We have an abundance of candidates. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has just joined the field as the "Foreign Policy" candidate. He says no one else has his experience in foreign affairs. But, just like at the popular deli, he's got a ticket to be served but with a high number. There are lots of other candidates in line in front of him!

This week is Ted Cruz week. He's announced he's running for president, the first to do so. Now he has to keep things HOT or by tomorrow he will be yesterdays news. So, he now has to grab attention.

Today it's his support of Indiana's law that allows businesses to refuse service to anyone on religious grounds. It's clear by the interviews with some of the businesses in Indiana that support the law that it would primarily allow service to be refused to gay and lesbians.

The Indiana law has set off another firestorm. Faith-based leaders such as Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa say this type of law allows people to exercise their first amendment rights to freedom of religion. Opponents of the law including the NCAA, the CEO of Apple, and many politicians and leaders are saying that it is an unacceptable form of discrimination. Boycotts of Indiana and travel bans of employees f some companies to the state of Indiana have already been announced.

Will Cruz's position help him with Iowa's conservative, Christian, Republican caucus voters? That's his intent and we should remember that Texas is also going to pass a similar law. We will keep track of how Cruz does in polls and report back here.

Parody - Taco Ted Cruz

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