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Monday, February 16, 2015

Scott Walker Disappoints.

When Gov Scott Walker left Iowa after Congressman Steve King's Freedom Summit he looked like a winner.

Then he went to London.

Wassup with the "London Pilgrimage?'

Chris Christie went and got mostly bad press when he punked on measles vaccination saying it was up to parents, then waffling again and saying kids should be vaccinated. Then he "Went Christie" which is the expression we use when he loses it in front of media. When a reporter tried a follow up question he told the journalist to basically shut up and stop asking questions.

Now Scott Walker goes to London for a "trade mission."  The headlines from that ill fated journey were "Gov. Scott Walker 'Punts' on Foreign Policy, Evolution Questions in London." At the policy institute Chatham House,he repeatedly refused to answer foreign policy questions.

He was asked about Ukraine and ISIS and his answer basically was "I just don’t think you talk about foreign policy when you’re on foreign soil.”

When asked about evolution he basically sided with creationists "Both science & my faith dictate my belief that we are created by God."

It's still early and both Christie and Scott said the right thing for conservative Republican base voters. So maybe their "stumble" will have no consequences going forward. However, every little bump in the road can turn off independent ("No-Party") voters such as the New Hampsherites who can vote in the "open primary" election there.

Some years ago Mitt Romney also did a London pilgrimage and insulted London by saying he was not sure if they could handle the Olympics because of security issues. London Mayor Boris Johnson raked Romney across the coals. It was another bad London "karma" moment. 

We are still investigating why these politicians think they need to go to London. We now refer to it as the "London Curse."

I would suggest changing cities. Dublin or Berlin would be nice.

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