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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Gov Scott Walker is Running for President

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is running for President.

My friend Jason Stein of the Journal Sentinel wrote, "Gov. Scott Walker took several moves this week to prove his 2016 presidential bid isn't just a daydream of his conservative admirers and news media prowling for the state's next big political story.

He announced an appearance alongside other hopefuls at a major GOP gathering in Des Moines later this month, hired a veteran consultant to manage his increasingly likely run and told a talk radio host he sees God's hand at work in the opportunity before him."

The Des Moines gathering is Congressman Steve King's forum for GOP hopefuls. Walker invoking God is a good start for running as a Republican in Iowa.

Walker has been a "stealth candidate" so far in iowa. Not much talk about his bid for the White House.

We know he is interested but not hearing a lot yet which may be a smart move. OR it could be not so good since this year with Jeb Bush launching and going after the big money, Bobby Jindal is here in Iowa right now going after the evangelical ministers, and Rand Paul has been drilling deep into the Libertarian wing of the party. This may be a "front loaded" year when you need to seriously launch your campaign. Coming to the King forum is good for walker to show his colors and get into the scrum but the Rev Mike Huckabee is also in the mix now that he's quit Fox news.

Already it's like the sign at the Jewish delicatessen in my block in Manhattan when I was in graduate school which read, "TAKE A NUMBAH!"  "and Get in Line."

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