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Friday, September 12, 2014

Hillary Clnton in Iowa

Here we go again!

Bill and Hillary Clinton are coming to Iowa. The news media is abuzz. What if Hillary and Bill were going to be at an event in, say, California? No one would care.

The reason is obviously that Iowa is home to the first in the nation Presidential selection event, namely the Iowa Caucuses.

Hillary (and Bill) is the keynote speaker at retiring Democratic Iowa Senator Tom Harkin's annual "Steak Fry" which is a long standing and important tradition. Clinton has not declared that she is running for President in 2016. However, coming to Iowa for this high visibility political festival practically guarantees that Clinton will run in 2016.

Practically in the same breath as reporting Hillary's excursion to central Iowa the media is reporting that Vice President Joe Biden is coming to Iowa the next week. Hmm, is that significant?

Vermont Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders was just in Iowa giving speeches and getting a big visibility column in the Des Moines Register. Is, HIS visit to Iowa significant?

The answer is yes to both Biden and Sanders. The reason is that Biden and Sanders (and, of course other high visibility Democrats such as Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren) are seen as potential adversaries to Clinton for the 2016 White House bid. In fact many Democrats feel that the nomination MUST be contested and that Hilary should not be given a free ride to the nomination.

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