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Friday, May 06, 2011

PC Rental Store Accused Of Using Webcams And Keyloggers To Spy On Customers

As Ronald Reagan used to say "Well, here we go again!"
"A PC rental store in the US called Aaron’s has been accused of spying on its customers with the built in web cameras on their computers and also using key logger software to monitor its customers activity.

The company has allegedly been using software called ‘PC Rental Agent’ which lets them monitor their customers PC activity and they can also shut a users computer down with the software if they haven’t paid their rental fees." More here

Now I've heard of everything!

Privacy has been so completely destroyed that we users of electronic devices need to assume that every computer and smart device we have has been (or will soon be) compromised. So what's a consumer to do? How can we surf the web, do online banking, shop at Amazon and otherwise live the life we live to day in this networked world?

Well, we can and MUST make it very, VERY painful for those who compromise our privacy is security. There need to be huge fines AND JAIL TIME for those who violate the, so far, inadequate federal and state laws on information security due diligence.

"The couple are currently suing Aaron’s, and it looks like it may end up turning into a class action lawsuit, as a number of other customers have also been spied on by the company."

If YOU ever end up on a jury with a case like this be fair, listen to the evidence and then throw the book at the culprits! If you are a judge look at the MAXIMUM sentencing guidelines! Deterrence and fear are the best weapon to reduce these atrocities against consumers.

And, if you own a store or hire people have them take out quick certification for identity theft prevention and the law!

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