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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How's President Obama Doing so far?

A former student of mine who is now a navy officer in the Atlantic asked in a recent e-mail how I thought Pres. Obama (shown in this picture with his junior crew and the ships mascot) is doing.

I responded in Navy talk.
Since you asked, President, or as I like to call him, “Commander” Obama is trying like crazy to steer the USA out of the troubled and dangerous waters into which the previous captain and first officer navigated her.

But, he’s the captain of a ship with a starboard list, taking on water, has a broken shaft, and a badly fouled propeller. The fuel is running low and he’s run out of rum rations for the crew, the provisions have turned moldy, and the sailors have scurvy.

So far the ONLY good news is that there has not been a mutiny yet (Capt Obama’s approval ratings are still high at about 60%) but there are rumblings already. He has a “... limited amount of time to convince the public (his crew) that he is taking the right courses [assuming his GPS is working and the charts are correct LOL] and a finite period before the problems that he inherited become identified as his own political liabilities” according to the latest LA Times article.

However, his poll numbers are now slipping and there is concern that he has set the wrong course and is heading his ship of state towards Health Reform reef, the GMCBailout archipelago, and into hurricane DeficitSpending.
Other than that it's smooth sailing for the United States.

Oh by the way, did you take your Dramamine?!

I think I see white caps up ahead.


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